He is back
He, such calm.
He the void into which
I have poured my words
til silence
til breath only
from tears
and lesions inside.
Returned as zombie;
now and always half here
half with me
a part inside alive
in me
a part a shell the
body of an actor.
Brendan -
your height
your weight
your gait makes it you.
Your stooping
and holding of shoulders
to emphasise truths.
Your half breath
half laugh
half life
make it you
you returned
you existing once more
outside my control
blinking as you will,
walking in rooms in
houses in ways
I cannot command,
in ways I cannot dream of.
All new.
You born anew
- a zombie.
Anointed with a new name
but, Lo! the sound,
:footsteps on the landing, I know
your life 
your sins,
Brendan -
a new disciple. 

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