#newtogardening (part of fanfic project but also because I did this and am ashamed)

it was blue and saying sorry
in its way crying and letting
leaves fall from where its mouth is
it didn’t mean to, didn’t need them
its eyes like on a cartoon, squeezed
mouth open as I crushed its
middle in the tissue dry against
the moisture of its body
alkaline grey turning blue with
embarrassment and fear and I
killed it and it was only doing
it was only being nature and I
drowned it crying turning blue
in bog water with bog paper
first burning the moisture
from its flesh.

and I squeezed its middle hard
I said you, you little fucker
you’ll think so in a minute
and he was crying in his way
and I took him to the toilet
and I dropped him in the water
knowing he would drown and
now he’s gone and I have killed him
and he was only eating seedlings
just an innocent eating seedlings,

that’s all he knew how to do.

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