Extremes of Fandom; Enemies of the South at Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol

Enemies of the South - Daniel Rourke & Claire Potter

Held in the light studio of the Arnolfini gallery in Bristol, on April 27th 2013, a special Camarade poetry event was held as part of the 4 days festival and the Enemies project, featuring 7 pairs of poets creating original works for the occasion.

Saturday April 27th 2013 at Bristol's Arnolfini: ​a South West Edition of the Camarade series took place as part of the Arnolfini's remarkable 4 days festival programme, curated by Jamie Eastman, which featured many of the most innovative avant garde poets and lingual artists working today. It was a unique event, allowing our programme to travel beyond London, commissioned for the festival specifically, and stretching the reach of our exploration of collaboration in poetry just that little bit further ​​You can read further about the day here and more info on 4 days here
​and more on the Enemies event specifically here

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