The answer: think memorable thoughts, June 2012

This is an image of the original score from The answer: think memorable thoughts, a vocal performance at SpeakingArtWriting at the Whitechapel, June 2012 -- a group show from MFA Art Writing.

During the program, which was largely performance based event, I was separate, in another room, listening to the muffled rhythm of other performer's voices. I interrupted performers when I saw fit, based on my knowledge of each work's themes and content and also on what I knew of the speech patterns of the performers. My voice was delivered through a speaker, behind the audience at the back of the performance room.

The work was agonistic, self referential and aural; touch stones of oral pyschodynamics. I intended to go some way to linking a sense of self with sound.

I used chapter 3 of Walter J Ong's Orality and Literacy: The Technologizing of the Word to construct the text. 

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