Soundworks, ICA.

Featured in Alan Dunn's 
Sounds of Ideas Forming,
is featured on ICAs Soundworks platform.

The track is twenty minute selection taken from the wealth of the 67projects CD releases. 

Pavel Büchler & Matt Wand - à la Cage
Valerie Vivancos aka Ocean Viva Silver - minimerseytunnel
Scanner - Drips
Jeff Young & Alan Dunn - Chapter V (parachutes)
Ben Parry & Tom Rae Smith - The last drop at the edge of the world
Jem Finer - Water and birds #1
Douglas Gordon - +44 7966 450 969
Foreign Investment - The morning after a revolution
Peter Suchin - All at once, there on the track, a soft rain of words, turning, turning
Antitedax - Revolucionate
AD&THEFILMTAXI - Shave to grey
Chris Watson - Longshore Drift
Hannah Dargavel-Leafe - Kitchen trio
Anthony Kelly & David Stalling - Saturday night
Unknown - recording from deep space
Wolff Cubb - 444am (the morning sun burns our eyes)
Michelangelo Antonioni - Excerpt from Il deserto rosso (Red Desert)
Nicky Hamer - Wakey Wakey (fast)
The Residents - Forty-four no more
Claire Potter - 4 poems for 3:AM - Mark
Trixie & The Merch Girls - Four two four

Incredible - proud to be part of this.

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