Collaboration, Town's Syndrome

Album can be downloaded freely from the Town's Syndrome website.

(Intro) As Slow As Shadows
You must know how grateful I was to receive your letter dated December twenty-ninth. To learn of my little nephew's first adventures in life brought me as much courage as it did joy. Children are so fearless and as they cannot help but be guided by nature, they seem to side-step doubt. As you know, with my darling Anna away attempting to state her curiosity for the unknown, I live moment to moment in wait of contact or some news that she will return. But as ever, realisation creeps as slow as shadows and the thought occurs to me that she will continue her days without so much as a backwards glance. But as your son serves to remind me, the young are beginners at everything and with only twenty-three years to my name, I cannot know love yet. I must resolve to endure my doubts and continue in my learning.

(Outro) Shadows Of The Past
Dearest Esme, I have bore witness to some strange wonders since leaving you my love, and I have known men as never before. I cannot begin to relate the experiences that now lay behind me as they still reach far beyond my comprehension, though I can tell you that I remain forever uninspired by the intentions of men. But though my heart grieves for an innocence now lost, I find some solace in the wisdom that time and fate have allowed. Esme, from this distance I am able to think of you with the warmest appreciation. I recall stolen moments sweet with your breath and hazed by faithful whispers of resilient love. These moments are strengthened and gilded by the passing of days, and your refined image follows my troubled steps as I continue on this path. You are as rare a bird on this earth as the black swan and just as water rolls from your feathers, you remind me that to be in this world without becoming attached to it is a far great achievement. And so I will continue.

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