AASPACE (November 2008)

AASPACE concerns the histories, both real and fictitious, of the Artist's Anonymous installation, Communication and Association, currently in exhibition at A Foundation, Liverpool. The audio cassette recordings, which are available on Walkman throughout the installation, were arrived at through recorded conversations, remembered events/experiences, and also engagement with texts found in the installation.
Collectively, these elements form a disjointed narrative of events and description, with loose associations and references to one another. Once written and recorded onto cassette, the narrative may be listened to and engaged with, inside the space which is used as the setting for the text. This allows the listener to trace, and indeed, to place the narrative within their immediate surroundings.
The physical history of the space is indefinite due to the transformed and whitewashed appearance of the connecting rooms, only photographs remain on the walls as an indication to their past physical state. The task is to identifying and piece together, re-wind and re-interpret, to decipher what is fact and fiction in order to pin some sort of history onto the elusive atmosphere within the installation space.

Communication and Association
A Foundation
Greenland Street
25th - 29th November

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