Installation 2008


MIXTAPE/ME is a 25 minute long mixtape of songs and spoken word pieces. The main concern of the project was to explore a relatively new form of speech or storytelling that uses a method of borrowing and arranging to create a narrative. This borrowing and arranging is interesting not only as a method of construction but through cultural references and associations it becomes a layered gesture - a intention or a will to speak but doing so through the words and actions of others.
The project was presented on a double tape deck with headphones. Blank tapes were provided with inlays should the listener want to make a copy for themselves.

SELECTIONOFTEXTS is a microfiche viewer with 93 written pieces on two sheets of microfiche. The texts were composed between the years 2006 and 2008 and they range from three word combinations to flash-fiction. This part of the installation rests on the connotations of the microfiche viewer. The assumption with an archive is that the material is of importance enough to preserve and to be researched. By creating this focus on the texts, as archived collected documents, the viewer is engaged as a researcher, inviting them to spend more time to read and analyse the writing as singular pieces, and as a body of work. This project was somewhere close to a solution for my concerns about presenting writing in a visual arts environment.

ARRANGEMENTS What started out as a sort of aesthetic game where postcards where intuitively selected and grouped then arranged based on their images, developed into an method and process of creating or discovering narratives. The postcards provided settings, protagonists and actions which were written and recorded into short audio pieces of up to 6 minutes. The postcards were presented along side the audio pieces so that the listener could relate the visual information with the audio.

COMBINATIONSLIDES For each piece two slide projectors where positioned in such a way as to overlap their projections and align aspects of the images to create the impression of one space. For me this is a visual example of what can be done with narratives in writing, and was an illustration of my methods in my written work; using/focusing on one detail to change or combine separate narratives.

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