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I'll no longer be updating this blog but it will remain online as an archive of sorts. 
Publications, audio, events and documentation of performances can be found on my new website and the rest can be found on twitter and facey.


Mental Furniture is published!

MentalFurniture cover

You can read my interview with publisher David Berridge and the first few pages of the book here:

You can also buy it. Just saying.

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by Claire Potter
Published by VerySmallKitchen, Hastings, 2014.
ISBN 978-1-909925-04-5



Picking, by Claire Potter and Bridget Hayden

New audio work produced with Bridget Hayden based on extracts from my first book Mental Furniture (VerySmallKitchen 2014). Bridget is an artist, writer and noise musician famed for her solo work and member of Vibracathedral Orchestra.

Picking is one of six tracks collectively called, Mother To No Swimming Laughing Child out with Irish cassette label Fort Evil Fruit later this winter.


Upcoming performances, talks and readings

Symposium 25th & 26th October

Speaking and reading at the Weekend Symposium (25/26 Oct, 12 - 4pm) that compliments the current group show Concerning The Bodyguard, curated by Laura Morrison at the Tetley gallery, Leeds.
Other speakers include Prof. Adrian Rifkin and artist Matthew McQuillian.
Free and open to the public.

I expect I'll be giving a performance reading and taking part in discussion later in the afternoon.

Camarade Fest 25th October

Delivering a collaborative performance work with poet Sarah Kelly at this year's Camarade Poetry Festival at the Rich Mix centre in London. 12pm - late.

The Other Room 27th November

Performing at Manchester's prem poetry night at The Castle on Oldham Street on my dad's birthday... Reading alongside Canadian poet Steve McCaffery and Karen Mac Cormack

Storm and Golden Sky 23rd January

Performing alongside Tim Atkins at the first poetry event of the year for Storm and Golden Sky series at Liverpool's Caledonia pub.


New book

MEN is a collection of poetry works based on crime articles from the Manchester Evening News paper circa 2011, due to be published early 2015.


My list for Emily Beber's reading list profiling project These Lists

These Lists was set up by London based writer Emily Beber in the Autumn of 2013. It aims to become a collection of reading lists from artists, writers, illustrators, collectors, musicians, philosophers…(the list goes on). They are books recommended upon the moment of request, with unknown attachment, but ultimate intrigue.



He is back
He, such calm.
He the void into which
I have poured my words
til silence
til breath only
from tears
and lesions inside.
Returned as zombie;
now and always half here
half with me
a part inside alive
in me
a part a shell the
body of an actor.
Brendan -
your height
your weight
your gait makes it you.
Your stooping
and holding of shoulders
to emphasise truths.
Your half breath
half laugh
half life
make it you
you returned
you existing once more
outside my control
blinking as you will,
walking in rooms in
houses in ways
I cannot command,
in ways I cannot dream of.
All new.
You born anew
- a zombie.
Anointed with a new name
but, Lo! the sound,
:footsteps on the landing, I know
your life 
your sins,
Brendan -
a new disciple. 


#newtogardening (part of fanfic project but also because I did this and am ashamed)

it was blue and saying sorry
in its way crying and letting
leaves fall from where its mouth is
it didn’t mean to, didn’t need them
its eyes like on a cartoon, squeezed
mouth open as I crushed its
middle in the tissue dry against
the moisture of its body
alkaline grey turning blue with
embarrassment and fear and I
killed it and it was only doing
it was only being nature and I
drowned it crying turning blue
in bog water with bog paper
first burning the moisture
from its flesh.

and I squeezed its middle hard
I said you, you little fucker
you’ll think so in a minute
and he was crying in his way
and I took him to the toilet
and I dropped him in the water
knowing he would drown and
now he’s gone and I have killed him
and he was only eating seedlings
just an innocent eating seedlings,

that’s all he knew how to do.